Working with the latest in optical technology, PirateEye delivers a highly effective anti-piracy system that reliably identifies illegal recordings while producing negligible false positives.   

How It Works
The PirateEye anti-piracy solution detects the unauthorized use of camcorders, cell phones and other camera devices in theatrical venues. The system captures images of the camcorder pirate in the act of recording the movie, highlights the recording device in the image, and transmits the images to security personnel at the theater who interdict the pirating activity. The images also provide evidence for prosecution of the individual caught pirating the movie.

The PirateEye system uses a patented technique that can discriminate a camera lens from other conventional reflections such as eyeglasses and watches. It can precisely locate the recording device in the cinema using the PirateEye PirateView™ Software. Privacy of patrons is protected as no images are transmitted outside the PirateEye unit unless a recording device is positively detected. 

Once a camera is detected and validated by the PirateEye software, our Network Operations Center (NOC) can verify the images and send an email or SMS alert directly to the cinema manager on duty, cinema owner, the distributor of the film and local law enforcement with a forensic image of the pirate. In addition, our PirateView Software automatically identifies the pirate’s location in the theater and puts a red circle around the lens of the pirate’s camera to guide responders to the correct seat location and camera position.