PirateEye has been in field-testing trials for over two years and has been used to protect over 10,000 public showings of feature films. 

The results? PirateEye has detected camcorders at theatrical exhibitions, screening events, and in every test scenario including a “secret” test employing hidden cameras brought in by studio personnel without the knowledge of PirateEye personnel.

PirateEye systems have been made available to film anti-piracy organizations worldwide to pursue, apprehend and convict offenders operating in known piracy “hot spots.” The system has already resulted in over ten arrests and prosecutions in the U.S.


Additionally, a number of MPAA member studios have permanently installed the PirateEye system in their internal screening rooms on the studio lot as well as post-production houses and sales offices worldwide.  In all instances, the PirateEye system has shown extremely high reliability in detecting camcorders, cell phone cameras, and other digital imaging equipment with statistically negligible false positives.