PirateEye (Doesn’t) Steal the Show!

The first CinemaCon was held at Caesar’s in Las Vegas this week.  Most of the major studios showed trailers, clips and in some cases the entire movie of their lineup of films releasing this summer. We deployed our PirateEye anti-camcording systems in the 4,000-seat Colosseum theatre to protect over 20 hours of screenings while scanning over 15,000 total seats.

We were located in the staging area for speakers just off the main stage.  Some of the most famous actors, producers, directors and studio executives looked over our shoulders marveling at the capability of our fully automated, intelligent optical scanning system.   Their reactions ranged from “fantastic” to “how soon will this be in every theatre.”

We got a shout out in the organizer’s opening remarks.  Whether it was Senator Chris Dodd, the new CEO of the MPAA, urging cinema owners to impress upon their local congressman that piracy costs American jobs or James Cameron explaining that he had no choice but to release Avatar on five different formats simultaneously worldwide because of piracy, there was unanimous agreement that piracy continues to have devastating consequences for the film industry.  PirateEye makes one simple promise— we will eliminate theatres as the source of pirated content.

Check back with us next week as we announce the installation of PirateEye units in the most famous cinema in the world.

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