Busy Summer Premiere Schedule for PirateEye

PirateEye sailed with the busy summer premiere schedule.   We’ve protected elephants and penguins from being friended on sites their agents wouldn’t approve of. We’ve done it all gleefully and with super results, sometimes in 30 seconds or less.  X’s and O’s mark the spot. We’ve installed our units in some of the grand dames of the exhibition industry.  We could tell you where but then we wouldn’t be gentlemen.  No speaking out of school.  No more long lines to confiscate and return your cellphone (those tickets are only good for raffles now–sorry).  Wanding and bag checks relegated to reruns and syndication.   We’re going to take some credit for all the screenings getting off on time at CineEurope.  It was a good weekend to be called into the O2 in London for Empire’s Big Screen.  Oh, and we’ve been with child.  It’s up and running in the lab and TMZ says it could be spotted soon in a cinema near you.

Let’s hear from you…and no thanks, we don’t need anything to make PirateEye stand up and do its job!

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