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Piracy continues to be one of the most significant threats to the economic viability of the motion picture industry. It is estimated that global piracy is responsible for billions of dollars in losses every year. Bootlegging, illegal copying and distribution, and Internet piracy are responsible for the majority of losses. It is estimated that over 90% of pirated content is a result of undetected recordings in theaters that are then sold, shared and distributed. Unless new, pioneering, piracy protection solutions are implemented, its impact will continue to dramatically increase as affordable high-definition camcorders and video-capable cell phones proliferate in the global market. PIRATEEYE® IS CHANGING ALL THAT.
The PirateEye patented anti-piracy technology is the most effective method of discovering and identifying the illegal recording of films in theaters and other venues. With installations worldwide, PirateEye drastically reduces security costs and significantly increases protection of films during their theatrical release. PirateEye technology is also revolutionizing the way international corporations and governments protect proprietary information, trade secrets and classified information. 


The Piracy Problem

Piracy continues to be a growing threat to the motion picture industry.

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PirateEye protects screenings at Caesar’s Colosseum at CinemaCon.

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The latest incarnation of PirateEye is starting to roll off the production line. PirateEye 2.0: Coming to a theater near you!

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